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irst, there was Leicester City: few would have predicted the Foxes striding to the

Premier League title in such emphatic style (or, indeed, at all) last May. Brexit

followed in June – an outcome of the UK’s Referendum on EU membership

that the then prime minister, David Cameron had believed to be so unlikely he

hadn’t even bothered to draw up contingency plans in the unlikely event of it hap-

pening. And come November, the biggest surprise of all – the election of master P-45

dispenser Donald J Trump as POTUS, followed hot on the heels by his, some would

argue, equally surprising suggestion that UKIP’s interim leader, Nigel Farage be handed

the keys to the UK Embassy in Washington and appointed as our Ambassador to the

USA. (Even those newly wealthy punters with the foresight to back Leicester to win

the Premiership didn’t see that one coming.)

Yet in spite of these surprises, and all this geopolitical (and sporting) change and

turmoil; irrespective of the after-shocks that are still reverberating through the currency

markets, and their unwanted side-effects on product pricing; and in the face of the

ongoing uncertainty surrounding the UK’s future relations with the largest trading bloc

and largest economy in the world – morale within the brandable garments and textiles

industry remains high. This much was evident during the BTC Activewear Open House

at the company’s Wednesbury DC in mid-November, just days after ‘The Donald’s’ his-

toric win. Visitors, exhibitors and BTC staff alike spoke with optimism and high expec-

tations of the year to come, echoing the upbeat atmosphere of The Schoolwear Show

the month before. Certainly, the garment brands are pushing ahead with gusto, judg-

ing by the number of new products for 2017 they were previewing at the event. Even

more telling, perhaps, the BTC warehouse was stuffed to the rafters with products and

there was continuous activity in the despatch area where order-after-order was being

processed, ready for transporting to the company’s customers nationwide.

So, how did 2016 treat you? And what are your expectations for 2017? We’ll be

indulging in a spot of trendspotting in our February issue and we’d like to include your

thoughts and predictions. Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Speaking of the February issue, this will be a landmark edition for us, as it marks the

25th anniversary of the first ever


magazine to roll off the presses. Before that

we’ll be bringing you details of all those new products for 2017 in our January What’s

New guide: there are some cracking new styles within those pages, I can assure you.

In the meantime, the holidays are almost upon us, which gives me the opportunity

to thank all of our readers for subscribing to


magazine, and to wish each and

every one of you a merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year...

And one that is full of all the best kinds of surprises.

Jonathan Vince

2016: How was it for you?

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