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#14 Princess Tia Maria

Whether it’s pedigree pups or mangy mutts,

decorators’ dogs are valued members of staff

at embroidery and print shops from Barking

to Furness. This month we have Princess Tia

Maria from Rascal Prints in Craigavon, County


Full name:

Princess Tia Maria


Siberian Husky


Four years old

Time at company:


Job title:

Chief howler

Job description:

Alerts the humans at Rascal Prints

to deliveries and empty dishes

Special skills:

Sleeping, running and singing

Favourite colour:



Email a hi-res photo of your Print Shop Pooch, along

with the relevant facts (as above), to:

Print Shop Pooches

Princess Tia Maria keeps an eye out for deliveries

J&B sets out plan for

AnaJet printers following

recent recall

J&B Sewing Machine Co has reassured AnaJet mPower

printer owners in the UK that the recent worldwide

recall of the printers by AnaJet owner, Ricoh, is to be

fully resolved over the coming few months.

Rob Miller of J&B said that while visiting the cus-

tomers for recall component installation, J&B has

decided to simultaneously perform printer upgrades

to enhance the performance of the equipment, at no

charge to the customer.

UK customers who use the AnaJet mPower printer

will be contacted by J&B over the next couple of

months to arrange for the visit, which will take around

four hours. Customers should expect to be contacted

by the company for scheduling in the near future.


New Roq Hybrid DTG printer promises

450 pieces per hour

Roq has entered the direct-to-garment printing market with the launch of the new

Roq Hybrid – “A digital printing machine that works in perfect synchrony with an

automatic screen printing machine,” and which offers, “The productivity of a screen

printing press with the definition of a digital printing machine”.

The Hybrid is capable of outputting 450 pieces per hour, according to the

company, and it can be supplied with either 8 or 12 print heads. The 8-head model

uses CMYK inks; the 12-head model uses CMYK plus two extra colours to enhance

and extend the colour gamut.

Roq has chosen the Fujifilm Dimatix print head for the Hybrid, which, it said,

“represents the future of this technology.” The company explained that one of the

major advantages of the Dimatix head is that its nozzles can be repaired instead of

having to replace the whole print head. “This feature allows for a greater lifespan of

the print heads,” Roq added.

The Roq Hybrid offers a maximum printing size of 500 x 700 mm or 750 x 900

mm, and its Z axis can be adjusted by up to 20 mm to accommodate different

heights of garments and textile substrates.

Roq has also launched a new line of digital inks and products, as well as the Roq

Studio, a RIP software powered by Neostampa, alongside the Hybrid machine.


Roq enters the digital market with the new Roq Hybrid

International Coatings gets its glow on

International Coatings has released its new Axeon Glow-in-the-dark 1808 non-

PVC, non-phthalate screen printing ink.

The 1808 produces a bright, greenish glow when exposed to light and then

viewed in a darkened area. “Incorporating Axeon Glow-in-the-Dark 1808 to an

artwork and design is an effective way to add flair to any print,” commented

International Coatings. “The 1808 offers a vibrant phosphorescent glow that

draws attention in any night-time setting. It can be used as a standalone ink or in

conjunction with other inks to create an intense ‘glow’ effect.”



The new Axeon

1808 ink from