ImagesMagUK_Digital_Edition_March_2018 MARCH 2018 images 39 INDUSTRY EVENT creating new technology is the other things that get elevated at the same time. During the process of inventing their new Digital Squeegee system, they realized that the pallet boards they were using on their equipment were too thick. So they retooled them. The new 16” (width) x 22” (height) M&R True-Lite pallet is CNC-machined from a high-density aluminium. The newly developed, slimmer top surface helps disperse heat evenly across the print area. This means that the True-Lite pallet will heat up faster, while being 30% lighter in weight. Because of this, it takes less energy to run on an automatic press, and is easier to spin on a manual press. The printing surface is ideal for both screen printing and hybrid screen/digital printing. OneTouch Seamless Cap by Outdoor Cap One of the biggest finds for me at the show this year was discovering the four seamless, lightweight caps from Outdoor Cap. Embroiderers the world over have constantly struggled with sewing the fronts or sides of caps due to the seams for the panels. Those days are over, for those in the US at least – the UK launch is not expected to be announced for at least a year. Three great items from Stahls’ The biggest name in heat transfer technology had an abundance of goods on display at the show. There was a lot to choose from, but three things stood out for me. Are you heat pressing difficult or sensitive fabrics that are prone to dye migration or scorching? If so, then the new Hotronix Over/Under Heat Press, as featured in the February issue of Images , might just be the piece of equipment you need. The next two are new rolls of HTV material for your shop’s cad-cutter. New to the Stahls’ line-up is Cad-Cut Silicone Dye Block and also AquaTru Dye Block. Cad-Cut Silicone Dye Block is a 200-micron thick roll of silicone material that is perfect for athletic or performancewear when you want that high-end, athletic retail look. It has a rubbery hand and is very distinctive. The material is a natural dye blocker, so it is perfect for sublimated polyester fabrics, and comes in seven popular colours. AquaTru Dye Block is another ready- made solution to use for heat applications onto for difficult-to-decorate, dye sublimated patterns. AquaTru is made to withstand dye-leaching characteristics and even the heaviest of washings. You can use this with confidence on the most dye-saturated, sublimated, stretchy or heat-sensitive fabrics. The Hotronix press and Cad-Cut are both available from Target Transfers, but AquaTru doesn’t yet have a UK release date. Inkcups Brite White Another answer for handling a common problem was offered by Inkcups. Usually when any shop uses a pad printer to decorate a neck label, the white ink results tend to be a shade of grey. It just doesn’t really work. Inkcups has developed its Brite White pad printing process, which solves this challenge. White pad printing ink now looks brilliant white on any colour garment. This is a great solution as decorators were often forced to use heat press labels or screen print an image in the neck label area if the specification for the order was to use white on dark garments. Plus, it’s not for only white: Inkcups has engineered the process to achieve brighter pinks, yellows and other light colours using a proprietary combination of Brite ink, pad printing pads, and specialised software and hardware. This gives the process unparalleled results on darker fabrics. Results for speed will vary by the user, but you can expect 400-500 impressions per hour. Two top software discoveries at ISS were Promo Hunt [left] and Separo [above] Stahl’s Cad- Cut Silicone Dye Block in action