ImagesMagUK_Digital_Edition_March_2018 38 images MARCH 2018 INDUSTRY EVENT There were sunny skies and smiling faces at January’s ISS Long Beach show, where Marshall Atkinson tracked down the new product launches that promise to shake up the garment decoration market units. No wonder all the top guys in the industry were saying, “Hey, did you see that laser exposure unit at Saati?” It really is impressive. M&R True-Lite Pallets While M&R has been known for coming out with some remarkable equipment innovations, I thought that their new offering for pallet boards was something that might have been overlooked as it isn’t as sexy as a new press. One of the interesting offshoots of I t is nice to be in southern California at the beginning of the year. The weather is fantastic and everyone attending this year’s ISS Long Beach show was extremely enthusiastic about starting off 2018 the right way. The exhibitors’ booths were jammed packed with attendees searching for ‘just the right thing’ to help their shop grow. Not to mention the educational classes, which also had record numbers of folks hungry for nuggets of information. It’s okay if you didn’t make the trek, because I did, along with my notebook. Here are the some of my most interesting finds. Saati LTS 6080 This is first because it was the most discussed item at the entire show. It is a computer-to-screen (CTS) unit that uses a laser to image the screen. No wax. No toner. A laser. How cool is that? I’ve seen these before from different companies, but the equipment was as enormous as the price tag. The Saati LTS 6080 sells for US $88,000, but when you consider that’s just a little more than a typical CTS unit, but doesn’t use consumables, it’s worth the price. Now you can go right from image to wash out. Also, Saati had a great display where they used a camera loupe to show the difference between what usually prints with a film positive versus the Saati LTS 6080 output on screen. It’s incredible. If you are a printer that wants incredible edges in your seps, then run, don’t walk, and grab one of these ISS Long Beach 2018 show review [Above L-R] Marshall, Steve Duccilli from Screen Printing magazine, Mark Coudray from Catalyst Accelerator, Images columnist Erich Campbell and Greg Kitson from Mind’s Eye Graphics enjoying some time in the speaker’s lounge Magnification of the same thin line on a film positive Magnification of the actual emulsion of a thin line on mesh after washout from the Saati unit The Saati LTS 6080 Laser Exposure Unit