ImagesMagUK_May_2021 MAY 2021 images 63 PF DRYERS, CALENDERS & HEAT PRESSES We turn up the heat on the latest drying and curing systems from leading industry suppliers Hotshots Dae Ha UK: Lotus Heat Presses Dae Ha UK’s range of Lotus heat presses offers small to industrial-size systems, in manual, semi-automatic or pneumatic versions. “With the use of different sized printing plates, or even a cap set on the ‘swap presses’, almost all jobs can be done with just one press,” says the company. “By request, Lotus can also make individual presses and accessories according to your requirements.” Lotus heat presses are “versatile, ergonomically friendly, extremely durable and virtually maintenance free”, adds Dae Ha UK, and come with a two-year all parts warranty, plus a 10-year warranty on the Mika-Tech smart heating technology. Nova Chrome: A3 Ultra Deep Swing Head Press The A3 Ultra Deep Swing Head Press has a 38x50cm print area built to offer even heat and pressure, and can accommodate items up to 60mm in depth. An A2 option, with a print area of 43x61cm, has also been added to the range, with both systems designed to handle applications ranging from sublimation to vinyl and direct-to- garment curing. When an even larger pressing area is required, Nova Chrome also supplies its own A1 capable pneumatic press, which has a 105x65cm bed along with fingertip pressure adjustment and a refreshed touchscreen controller. The Ultra Deep Swing Head Press is available in both an A2 and A3 option Dae Ha UK offers Lotus presses in manual, semi-automatic or pneumatic versions Aeoon Technologies: Kyo Link Series The Kyo Link Series is ideal for direct-to-garment printers with high-volume production and automation requirements, says Aeoon. Designed to print efficiently on cotton, polyester, mixed fibres and more, it has an integrated heat press for the pre-pressing of pretreated textiles at a maximum size of 40x50cm. The Kyo Link Series also comes with an integrated projector and scanner, and is designed to enable effortless connections to ecommerce and API interfaces. “It connects complex front-end interfaces with demanding back- end processes, can be linked with a wide variety of applications, and uses the most modern RIP software,” adds the company. TheMagicTouch: HTP123 Pro Heat Press The new space-saving HTP123 Pro heat press from TheMagicTouch (TMT) ticks all the boxes for desktop image transfer processes, including toner-based, sublimation and direct-to-fabric, and all its MagiCut/HTV flex products, says the company. It comes with a 42x42cm slide- out cast aluminium platen to maintain consistent temperatures from 80°C to 220°C, plus a 3cm tolerance for thicker substrates. Other features include a touchscreen LCD digital controller, adjustable pressure, and three interchangeable platens. It incorporates a quick-change mechanism for optional platens, such as a 15x50cm sleeve platen, 15x25cm platen for bags and holdalls, and a 10x10cm platen for breast logo application. The HTP123 Pro comes with a one-year warranty on all parts, and a 10-year warranty on its cast aluminium heat platen. TMT’s new ‘Beanie Basher’ accessory is made from cork and has been developed to help remove the risk of scorching or press marks when applying transfers to beanie hats. The HTP123 Pro heat press incorporates an easy quick- change mechanism for attaching the optional platens The Kyo Link Series comes with an integrated heat press