Images Magazine Digital Edition October 2018 OCTOBER 2018 images 79 TIPS & TECHNIQUES STEP-BY-STEP: SUBLIMATION PRINTING ONTO SPECIALITY FILM 7 5 6 Carefully align the sublimation paper over the transfer, print side down. Tape down a couple of the edges of the paperwith heat-resistant tape or application tape to prevent misalignment when the press closes and to prevent the lifting of the paperwhen the heat press rises. 8 And there have it you do (as Yoda might say) – an eyeball-grabbing T-shirt that‘s out of this galaxy. Create the image. Plotter-cut in reverse the image from the holographic film then weed out the excess material. 1 2 3 4 Size the design – the paper should be slightly larger than the pre-pressed transfer so the edge doesn’t print on the film– and print in reverse so it lines upwith the transfer image.You can trim the sublimation paper to aid alignment later in the process. Pre-press the garment if required. Place the weeded transfer onto the garment with the design facing up, and align as necessary. Heat press the transfer with a medium pressure at 150°C for five seconds, then peel the PET release liner (this can be done hot, warm or cold). Heat press at 190°C for 30 to 40 seconds. Remove from the heat press then lift the sublimation paper. • Visit to see a video showing the TIE fighter design in its full glory