Images Magazine Digital Edition October 2018 OCTOBER 2018 images 45 TIPS & TECHNIQUES STEP-BY-STEP: COLOREEL EMBROIDERY 8 6 7 Load the file from the colourisation software into the Coloreel unit Press print on the Coloreel unit. 9 Voila! You now have a completed multicolour embroidery made with Coloreel technology from a single white thread! 4 5 Add any number of solid colours, smooth colour transitions or other effects. Here, the wing part of the butterfly is made of various gradients, while the body and the antenna are solid colours Input the DST file as usual to your embroidery machine; a Tajima TEMX – C1501 15-head was used for this design Start your embroidery; the Coloreel unit colours the thread as you stitch 3 Import the DST file to Coloreel‘s special embroidery colourisation software 1 2 Create your embroidery design in any digitising software Digitise and think about making underlay for colour changes and then export the DST file