Images Magazine Digital Edition February 2019

PF SCREEN PRINTING 78 images FEBRUARY 2019 Colenso Screen Services: Saati Hi-Dro Colenso Screen Services now offers a screen re-meshing service with what it calls “the latest mesh innovation”, Saati Hi-Dro. The company explains: “Saati Hi-Dro is a high modulus, low elongation, monofilament, polyester screen printing fabric with a proprietary surface treatment developed to meet the requirements of garment printing applications. Especially designed to optimise the deposit when printing with water-based inks, this new range was constructed maintaining the same mesh count and using thinner thread diameters.” Its key features include optimised mesh geometry and precise mesh openings due to the improved production process, along with an “excellent” anti-static property and long-lasting surface modification thanks to plasma treatment. Colenso says printers using Saati Hi-Dro will see benefits such as better details and halftone performance, better ink flow due to the increased open area, which in turn results in reduced squeegee pressure on the screen, less mesh interference due to thin thread, faster print speed, especially with white base, a reduced risk of ink drying in the screen, and the reduction of possible moiré effect. Colenso offers a screen re-meshing service using Saati Hi-Dro I-Sub: Roq You According to distributor I-Sub, the Roq You automatic press is “the perfect set- up” for all screen printers, both new and existing. “As per all Roq machinery, it follows their usual qualities – simple to set up, reliable and cost effective,” explains I-Sub. “The You gives the operator all the functionality needed from a press without over- complication.” The Roq You is available in two models, M and XL. The XL has a maximum print size of 50 x 70cm, with up to 20 colours possible when required. The company adds: “The frequency drive rotation of the You range makes for a smooth and precise index, meaning registration problems are a thing of the past.” The Roq polychromatic central control panel governs all the functions, including accessories such as the RoqFlash, RoqFoil and RoqFlock. The RoqDry flash units can be placed under any print head in the upright position, making the machine suitable for any job. The customers also have the option to choose the type of bulb dependent on application – quartz or carbon – and all Roq equipment is fully supported by the I-Sub technical team. The Roq You XL has a maximum print area of 50 x 70cm