TIPS & TECHNIQUES 58 images FEBRUARY 2020 T o create great prints, you must start at the beginning in Photoshop and learn how to separate the artwork into channels (which store colour information) ready for film output. For this artwork, my first step was to consider dot gain, which is essentially the spreading of ink on the substrate. There are a few variables on press that will cause this so it’s a good idea to compensate for any gain within your separations. To accommodate for this, go to Edit, then Preferences then Colour Settings – in that last window you’ll find some options that can be adjusted. To tell Photoshop to compensate for dot gain and display colours correctly, in the dropdown RGB window (under Colour Settings) I set it to Apple RGB. In the CMYK window, I selected Custom CMYK and set the ink colours as 'SWOP (newsprint)' – Robert Hewitt, senior screen printer and developer at Red Oak Roller, breaks down how he manually created a simulated process colour separation of his original artwork Let's separate