ImagesMagUK_August_2021 AUGUST 2021 images 81 PF INDUSTRY SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS We get an update on the industry software solutions that can help your business to run smoothly and increase sales, from design suites and production workflow systems to shop management and ecommerce packages Software support AJS: PulseID Workflow Automation Software PulseID automation software optimises your online store, order processing and production floor for online product personalisation with ease, says AJS. “It works with embroidery, direct-to-garment printing, engraving and more, to ensure maximum efficiency, consistency and profitability from order through to production.” PulseID provides a plug-in for online storefronts Shopify, WooCommerce and PrestaShop, and enables ecommerce store owners to offer realistic 3D renderings with its easy- to-use online designer. “Once your customer places their order, PulseID will print a worksheet that can be scanned at the embroidery, printing or engraving machine to load the design automatically — this hands-off process eliminates errors and reduces machine downtime,” adds AJS. “PulseID’s workflow automation networks your machines for ultimate connectivity, and gives you production reports on the efficiency of individual machines, operators and designs. “It’s also offered in a subscription-based SaaS model, which lets you get started right away and takes care of all hosting costs.” Kornit Digital: Kornit Workflow Kornit Digital’s vision is to enable sustainable production on-demand from order to package delivery. “Our direct-to-garment textile printing systems empower businesses to make any print job profitable, save money, make money and grow their operations,” says the company. “With the addition of Kornit Workflow, we introduce a scalable and modular ecosystem for on-demand apparel and textiles to take control of your end-to-end production workflow.” Kornit Workflow is designed to eliminate errors and optimise users’ resources to integrate their point of sale, customer-facing product catalogues, production operations and back-end shipping logistics, adds the company. “Furthermore, Kornit Workflow pairs seamlessly with the Kornit Konnect dashboard for remote, real-time monitoring, managing and improving of business results. “Flexible and adaptable, supporting diverse supply chain models, the software is infrastructure- agnostic, making it compatible with every IT environment from global enterprises to small to medium-sized businesses.” PulseID enables ecommerce store owners to offer realistic 3D renderings with its online designer Kornit Workflow pairs with the Kornit Konnect dashboard for remote, real- time monitoring